Unfilled Plastic Easter Eggs

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ITEM #4030

Unfilled Plastic Easter Eggs

2-1/4″ Unfilled Plastic Easter Eggs
(144 Pieces Per Pack)
$12.50 PER PACK
ITEM #4031

Unfilled Pearlized Plastic Easter Eggs

BULK PACK 2-1/4″ Unfilled Pearlized Plastic Easter Eggs
(2500 Eggs Per Color Per Pack)

Toy Filled Plastic Easter Eggs

Candy Filled Easter Eggs

Pearlized Plastic Easter Eggs

Unfilled Plastic Easter Eggs

Item No. 4030

Price: $12.50 per Pack (144 Pieces)

For over 60 years we have been your source for candy-filled plastic Easter eggs, toy-filled plastic Easter eggs and bulk pack unfilled plastic Easter eggs. Download our Plastic Easter Eggs Catalog to see all of our Easter egg products from candy-filled plastic Easter eggs, toy-filled plastic Easter eggs, and unfilled plastic Easter eggs. To purchase our Easter products (Plastic Easter Eggs, Easter Candy and Easter Baskets) in bulk, click here Easter Products in bulk.  All Sales Are Final.  New this year, see our catalog in digital format - Plastic Easter Eggs, Candy-filled Eggs, Toy-filled Plastic Easter Eggs, Easter Candy and Easter Baskets - Easter Products Digital Catalog.