HOLIDAYGOO Candy and Toy Filled Plastic Easter Eggs

Our Best Price Guarantee Challenge! We’re so confident in our ability to offer you the best deal that we’re putting our eggs on the line—1000 of them, to be exact! If we can’t beat the best quote you have, we’ll send you 1000 filled eggs for free!

How to Get 1000 Filled Eggs for Free:

  1. Find Your Best Quote: Look around for the best price you can find.
  2. Send It Over: Email us a copy of this quote.
  3. Challenge Accepted: We’ll try to beat the quote you send us. If we can’t offer a better deal, we will send you 1000 filled eggs, completely free!
  4. If we do beat the quote that you send us, you agree to purchase your filled eggs from us.

Gather your unbeatable quote and let us know!