Easter Egg Filler Ideas for Kids

20+ Best Easter Egg Filler Ideas

Looking for the best Easter egg filler ideas for the upcoming Easter festivities? Whether you’re organizing a hunt for the little ones or just want to spread some festive cheer, here’s your go-to guide.

Dive in for 20+ fantastic egg fillers that are sure to brighten up the celebration!

4000 Candy Filled Pearlized Plastic Easter Eggs 2023

1. Candy: Filling eggs with Easter Candy is a cherished tradition. This timeless favorite never disappoints, offering sweet joy with every bite. Who can resist such a treat?

2. Temporary Tattoos: These kid-friendly tattoos are not only safe on the skin but also add a touch of whimsical fun. Let your little ones enjoy some temporary art and show off their favorite designs to friends and family.

3. Bouncy Balls: These colorful orbs of fun are always a hit! Just make sure to opt for larger sizes to ensure safety and prevent choking hazards. They’re perfect for outdoor play, sparking imaginative games, and providing hours of entertainment.

4. Lip Balm: Kid-friendly lip balms are perfect for keeping little lips moisturized and soft. With gentle ingredients suitable for children, they offer protection and care, making them a thoughtful and cherished Easter egg filler.

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5. Toys: Miniature fun! You can fill plastic Easter eggs with small, age-appropriate toys for fun and play. Keep kids entertained and surprised.

6. Mini Puzzles: Consider mini puzzles that are simple yet engaging for young minds. Choose puzzles with larger pieces to ensure they’re age-appropriate and safe, providing both entertainment and cognitive stimulation.

7. Erasers: When considering erasers as Easter egg fillers, opt for those in fun and vibrant shapes that can make schoolwork a tad more exciting. Look for erasers that are large enough to be safe for kids and that can add a playful touch to their stationery collection.

8. Keychains: Keychains can be a delightful filler, but it’s essential to choose soft or rubber ones without sharp edges. Ensure they’re kid-friendly in design and size, making them both safe and enjoyable for little hands to hold and play with.

9. Mini Play-Doh: A hands-on creative treat for kids! When picking out mini Play-Doh packs, ensure they are labeled non-toxic and safe for children. The soft and moldable texture is perfect for little hands, offering a tactile and imaginative play experience.

10. Jelly Beans: When selecting jelly beans for Easter egg fillers, opt for brands known for using natural colors and flavors. Ensure the packaging indicates they’re safe for kids and free from any hard-to-digest additives.

11. Woven Friendship Bracelets: A heartwarming gift of friendship! When adding woven friendship bracelets to your Easter egg fillers, look for those made of soft materials without any metal parts or small beads. This ensures they’re safe for kids to wear and share with friends.


12. Stickers: Stickers offer a burst of color and creativity, making them a delightful addition to any craft session. Who doesn’t love a fun sticker surprise?

13. Rubber Ducks: Perfect for some post-hunt splashy bath time.

14. Glow Sticks: Kid-safe ones for a little nighttime glow.

15. Bubble Packs: Non-toxic bubbles for outdoor fun.

16. Hair Accessories: Soft bands and clips without small parts.

17. Figurines: Larger, durable figures for imaginative play.

18. Crayons: A few colors for on-the-go creativity.

19. Stamps: Kid-friendly ink stamps for art projects.

20. Slinky: Mini ones that can stretch and bounce.

21. Finger Puppets: Soft, fabric ones for storytelling.

22. Whistles: Fun, colorful ones to make some noise.

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Easter celebrations are all about joy, surprises, and creating lasting memories. With a mix of classic treats and creative fillers, your Easter eggs are set to be the highlight of the day.

Whether it’s the sweet allure of candies or the delightful surprise of our sticker-filled eggs, there’s something for every little treasure hunter. Here’s to an Easter filled with laughter, fun, and heartwarming moments. Happy egg hunting!